We’ve created this map with the intention of painting a complete picture* of all the places where art can be found in this magnificent part of the Gunks region.


The “Gunks”, short for the Shawangunk Mountains or Shawangunk Ridge, arguably hosts the most artists per capita in the nation. After all, this region is considered the cradle of the Hudson River School, the first native school of painting in the United States.


This map is a labor of love and we are very grateful to all our advertisers and sponsors, as well as the individuals listed below who have made this project possible:


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Rachel Toy for ensuring content accuracy;

Andra Maguran and Jill Olesker for prospecting supporters;

Rick Remsnyder for believing in us when we first walked into his office at Ulster County Tourism.


Sevan Melikyan, Wired Gallery
Michele Riddell, Unframed Artists Gallery


* This strives to be an all-inclusive map. Don’t see your art venue here? Contact thewiredgallery@gmail.com so that we may add you online and in our next printed edition.

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